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Hillcrest Academy

Hillcrest Academy offers education, vocational training and a normalized high school experience for at-risk youth in need of extra assistance. Through our Integrated Care Model program, Hillcrest provides a strength-based approach for skill development and opportunities for its students to turn their lives around.

Hillcrest Academy has served this population with a dedicated, veteran management team. Serving this population is our core competency–and our passion.

The Program

Hillcrest Academy’s Integrated Care Model Program includes:

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    Strengths-Based Approach.

    Begins with a foundation of safety, fostered through caring relationships with qualified, trained staff.

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    Comprehensive, Complete Assessments.

    Measures student risks, needs and strengths, so services are tailored to each individual.

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    Prescriptive, Individualized Treatment Plans.

    Provides cognitive-behavioral and trauma-informed care, individual, group and family therapy to address student risks and needs.

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    Skill Development.

    Academic, athletic, vocational and social-emotional skills fostered in a supportive, high school environment.

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    Student Achievements.

    Credit recovery, GEDs, high school diplomas, enlistments, employment opportunities, scholarships and post-secondary education.

Support Our Mission

Rite of Passage improves the lives of youth. Help our students become tomorrow’s leaders by referring a student to our admissions team, through donating to the Passageway Scholarship Foundation, joining our team of professionals, volunteering or by getting the latest news from Hillcrest Academy.